Community Initiative

The community initiative below is applicable to any environment of any size(work, school, town, city, state, home, etc). Email Kierstan Belle at to inquire about how your community can participate.

“The #Live4Love Initiative” is a social contract establishing a relationship of pure value between a community and its members. Honoring the terms and conditions of this contract must be a mutual agreement among this collective group of people. The immeasurable amounts of kindness, grace, and mercy are what influence the measurable amounts of crime, indecency, and injustice. The people will not thrive without their community; and the community will not survive without its people. It is both who are the heartbeat of one another. This contract is not laughable, non-negotiable, and cannot be mocked at the expense of the community and/or its members. Creating a loving coexisting environment must be an unmovable priority in order for justice to be properly served. The terms and conditions of this initiative are outlined by the following:


Open Communication: speaking openly and honestly by meaning what is said and saying what is meant.

Social Responsibility: being aware of a behavior’s direct and indirect effects.

Social Learning: allowing one’s behavior to teach each other our preferences and boundaries.

Non-Violence: being safe by not intentionally causing irreparable harm to oneself or another.

Growth and Change: putting forth the best effort to cope with loss and looking for the beauty in life’s changes.

Emotional Intelligence: allowing the heart to communicate its feelings and using that information to express emotions safely.

Shared Governance:  acknowledging the importance of including those affected by the decision making process.



Physical- the ability to feel safe from all forms of violence and abuse: weapons, substance, physical, mental, and sexual.

Social- the ability to feel safe with others, and refraining from all types of abusive relationships.

Psychological- the ability to feel mentally safe, in a conscious effort to protect oneself, from destructive impulses triggered within and/or triggered by others.

Moral- the ability to stand firm in one’s beliefs while respecting and tolerating the beliefs of others; regardless of the situation or circumstance.

Emotional Management: Challenging oneself to stay grounded in emotions to help identify feelings. This makes it possible to respond from the heart and helps prevent unsafe reactions when modifying at-risk behavior.

Loss: Letting go and moving on effectively to safely cope with life’s changes.

Future:  Choosing to honor the stated terms above builds resilience, instills responsibility, and reinforces unconditional Love. This is the key to the future; as it opens the door to profound self-awareness, respect for others, and adds priceless value to our communities.

*Let it be known to the community and its members that any blatant violation of “The #Live4Love Initiative” is common ground to seek out the appropriate correlating complaints and/or grievances in the name of liberty and justice for all.