Corona, Meet Crayola! ‘Flattening the Curve’ Through Creativity

Our partners at Crayola have simple solutions for your quarantine quarrels. While we wait on a vaccine for COVID-19, let’s flatten the corona curve through creativity.

Become A Creative Champion

Times of uncertainty can make us feel like things are falling apart, but Crayola’s Creative Learning Platform helps families restore resilience. Aside from art techniques, it features an assortment of lesson plans; including STEM, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math.

Through the style of creative parenting, the platform also encourages independence by sparking creativity. There are excellent prompts for cultivating curiosity, building confidence, and opening the door to communication.

52 Weeks of Fun

We’ve been called to stay home, but every day doesn’t have to be challenging. Tap the photo below for a different creative activity each week with “52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun!”

Create It Yourself
paint rocks with the fam! for detailed instructions and supplies tap here

May we continue to stay safe and grounded in Love.


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