Hints for Happier Holidays

Happy Holidays! or is it? This year may not have been full of sugar plums, but your days could be merry and brighter with a few helpful hints.

Imagine a truly stress free Christmas season. Every night you sleep in heavenly peace and wake up with pure joy; living through days you like with people you really Love.

I picked up some simple habits online I thought you might like to try. Lately, I’ve been able to stay organized and enjoy the time it takes to prepare for Christmas.

I believe consistency can make a wave we’ll ride well into the new year.

Pinterest Boards and Amazon Wish Lists

Pinterest Boards and Amazon Wish Lists make sorting ideas convenient and fun.

I like to see what I know to know what I’m doing; you feel me?

These apps are so useful for creating shopping lists, exchanging gift lists with friends and family, and keeping recipes on hand. Here, let me show you:

See something your loved one loves? Save it to a wish list just for them!

Have your squad create wish lists of their own too. When gift-giving times come around exchange the links to your lists so everyone gets something they want!

See something you need at home? Make a list for that too!

Save your best holiday ideas to Pinterest boards.

Add sections for food, drinks, decorations, or whatever else you like to categorize.

Add collaborators to your boards for additional inspo; or so everyone knows who’s bringing what to the next function.

Oh and guess what?! If you have an iPhone, adding the Pinterest widget to your home screen keeps your favorite pins in rotation. Pinterest will change the photo displayed daily or hourly based on the settings you choose.

Using Amazon Wish Lists and Pinterest Boards will have your Christmas spirit so high you may be the next Holiday Cheermeister.

Holiday hoobie whatie? Yeah ya’ll heard me.

Share your organizational tips and tricks for the holidays in the comments below.

All Love Fam,