Honey Mustard Wings

Clean Chicken

Chicken wings carry fat and feathers. Grab a kitchen knife and scrape off all that; then rinse your wings in cold water. REMEMBER in the kitchen, safety comes first. Make sure what you’re cooking in, on, and with is clean; but most importantly clean that chicken. 

Fry Chicken

Heat oil in a frying pan then carefully place chicken in oil. If you’re making a lot of wings cook in small batches for a thorough fry. You’ll know the meat is done when it begins to float to the top. Remove chicken from oil and get ready for seasoning and saucing!

Season Chicken

Yep, that’s definitely steak seasoning! Layer the wings with the seasonings you see here or use whatever base seasonings you like. I recommend this lil concoction though; but use the red pepper flakes and season salt sparingly because the steak seasoning is already salty. The bottle label you can’t really see is the bacon grease I like to fry the chicken in. You don’t have to fry your wings in bacon grease; it’s just a flavor elevator I prefer. 

Sauce Chicken

You got your wings all nice and seasoned, now it’s time to sauce it up! Drizzle that honey mustard and toss, baby toss!

*add as much or as little sauce as you’d like; just be aware that too much makes your wings soggy, and totally ruins that nice crispy fry and flavor profile. 

Eat and Enjoy!

These wings remind me of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Honey Mustard Wings. Trust me when I say they are soooo good! Make them for yourself or make enough to share with the Fam! If you cook and post these tag @kierstanskids on Instagram and use #kidstable so we can repost what you made! 

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