Kierstan Belle; Founder/CEO of Kierstan’s Kids, LLC

“If it ain’t Love, I don’t want it.” -K.Belle

Hi. I’m Kierstan Belle. A talented creative, mother, and self-published author. After working in the mental health field for 5 years, I saw a variety of needs I was desperate to fulfill. At the root of these needs was a deficit of valuable life skills depreciated by trauma. From digging a little deeper I came to find trauma is a lot like Cancer; everyone at any age can be affected, it manifests itself and transforms in many ways, and the road to healing can be quite long.

I created Kierstan’s Kids, LLC to reinforce Love in the lives of children and families, equip our youth with resilience, and add value to our communities. I wanted to make a significant shift in people’s lives so they felt confidently prepared to take on their worlds as they accomplish their goals.

Your child, your family, your business, and your community have all been touched by the hands of a traumatic event. Everyone at every stage of life should explore the endless possibilities created when we #Live4Love.

Contact me at I’ll help you #Live4Love today.