The #Live4Love Initiative

     The Sanctuary Model was created by Dr. Sandra Bloom to implement a healing process for those of us affected by trauma. We have adopted the model as our social contract; taking the initiative to increase social change while decreasing at-risk behavior.

                                            Its terms and conditions are outlined by the following:


Open Communication: speaking openly and honestly by meaning what is said and saying what is meant.

Social Responsibility: being aware of a behavior’s direct and indirect effects.

Social Learning: allowing one’s behavior to teach each other our preferences and boundaries.

Non-Violence: being safe by not intentionally causing irreparable harm to oneself or another.

Growth and Change: putting forth the best effort to cope with loss and looking for the beauty in life’s changes.

Emotional Intelligence: allowing the heart to communicate its feelings and using that information to express emotions safely.

Shared Governance: acknowledging the importance of including those affected by the decision making process.



Physical- the ability to feel safe from all forms of violence and abuse: weapons, substance, physical, mental, and sexual.

Social- the ability to feel safe with others, and refraining from all types of abusive relationships.

Psychological- the ability to feel mentally safe, in a conscious effort to protect oneself, from destructive impulses triggered within and/or triggered by others.

Moral- the ability to stand firm in one’s beliefs while respecting and tolerating the beliefs of others; regardless of the situation or circumstance.

Emotional Management: Challenging oneself to stay grounded in emotions to help identify feelings. This makes it possible to respond from the heart and helps prevent unsafe reactions when modifying at-risk behavior.

Loss: Letting go and moving on effectively to safely cope with life’s changes.

Future: Choosing to honor the stated terms above builds resilience, instills responsibility, and reinforces unconditional Love. This the key to the future; as it opens the door to profound self-awareness, respect for others, and adds priceless value to our communities.

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