The Dinner

Sponsored by Broosc Media. 

In collaboration with Kierstan’s Kids LLC and #Live4Love Inc, we present The Dinner. 

Come enjoy a fun filled evening featuring live music, raffles, baked spaghetti and more!

We need you at this event to help bring awareness to our new #Live4Love Program. This program assists but is not limited to working with clients on Adams County Probation.

This year we’d like to write checks to the Adams County Clerk of Courts, in an effort to help our clients pay up to 10% of their fines and restitution costs. 

Usually the clients are responsible for completing their own community service, but the #Live4Love Program secures service locations and ensures quality volunteer work. The program’s initiative provides clients with a greater sense of Social Responsibility, and helps them deter future at risk behaviors. 

We can’t make this program a success without your generosity.

Please give what you can to help fund #Live4Love Inc’s #Live4Love program. 

Soooo, you wanna talk about it?

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